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Graduate Research Scholarship


The Future Institute Research Center supports graduate student research through awarding scholarships. The Center awards $1,000 scholarships to be used for research related materials and, if applicable, a conference presentation upon completion of the study.

January 31, 2023


All applicants must be doctoral students currently working on their research (completed research will not qualify)

Research topic must be aligned with the Center’s focus:
– post-secondary education (teaching/learning).
– transitions (secondary education to undergraduate, undergraduate to graduate, education to career).
– college and career success.

Share and seek out best practices and knowledge.

Click “Application Checklist” on the left margin to keep track of the items required! The following items must be presented to the Center on the application form:
– Title
– abstract (350-500 words)
– Research purpose, objectives, and/or specific aims – significant & realistic/feasible (no length restrictions)
– Proposed Methods (no length restrictions): hypothesis, methodology, sampling method, evaluation/assessment, data collection/analysis plan outlined
– Proposed Project timeline (Beginning Date of Research & Target Research Completion Date)
– Itemized budget for use of funds (no length restrictions)
– *Optional* Letter of Nomination/Recommendation from a Graduate Advisor as an attachment (PDF or Document not to exceed 10GB)


$1,000 scholarship!

Opportunity to serve as an Associate Research Fellow with the FIRC in various areas as needed for one year.

Possible presentation at the following World Future Forum conference. More information at

Associate Research Fellows

Previous Scholarship Recipients

Tiffany James

Spring 2022 Associate Research Fellow
Borough of Manhattan Community College

Sarah Salvatore

Spring 2022 Associate Research Fellow
Russell Sage College

Yi-jung Wu

Fall 2020 Associate Research Fellow
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hannah Rapp

Fall 2020 Associate Research Fellow
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jean Parrella

Fall 2020 Associate Research Fellow
Texas A&M University

Randi Ferguson

Fall 2020 Associate Research Fellow
Rutgers University–Camden

Lauren Gih

Fall 2017 Associate Research Fellow
California State University Long Beach

Monica D’Antonio

Fall 2017 Associate Research Fellow
Temple University

Richie Gebauer, Ed.D.

Spring 2018 Associate Research Fellow
Cabrini University

Barbara Primm, Ph.D.

Spring 2018 Associate Research Fellow/ Research Fellow
Ranken Technical College