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2020-2021 Program Evaluations

Status: Final reports are being prepared
Focus: 2020-2021 Evaluations of Future Leaders Initiatives (FLI) and Future Legacies Programs
Site:U.S. Midwest
Principal Investigators: Mabel C. Okojie, Ph.D. & Hou Chun Kuong, Ed.D.

The evaluation of the Future Leaders Initiatives (FLI) and Future Legacies (FL) programs is to assess the perception of the students toward the programs. Structured and unstructured questionnaires, including interviews, were used to collect data from the participants (students). The findings revealed that FLI and FL students had favorable perceptions of the programs. The results also indicated that both FLI and FL students believed that the programs prepared them for future leadership roles, allowed them to explore career options, and created opportunities to acquire job skills. The parents of the students in the FL program also participated in the evaluation by completing an online questionnaire. They (parents) acknowledged that the FL program improved their children’s life chances and career opportunities. The evaluation is at the final stage, and the evaluators are preparing reports for the stakeholders.


Principal Investigators:

Mabel Okojie, Ph.D.

Mississippi State University
Research Fellow

Hou Chun Kuong, Ed.D.

University of the Cumberlands
Research Fellow