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Research Center’s October 2018 Planning Meeting

The Future Institute Research Center (FIRC) held their Annual Planning Meeting on October 9th and 10th at the Concept Schools Central Office in Schaumburg, IL. The Center welcomed their newest fellows Dr. Evan Rhinesmith and Dr. Carmen Gioiosa to their first planning meeting. Other fellows in attendance were Dr. Lynda Leavitt, Dr. Radhi H. Al-Mabuk, Dr. Sherrie Wisdom, Dr. Dean Cantu, and Dr. John Klatt. Future Institute Executive Director Cengiz Karatas was joined by his staff members Nichole Pientka and Iara Aldape at the meetings.

The FIRC fellows discussed their plans for the upcoming year in regards to research proposals, funding, the Future ReviewFuture Insight, World Future Forum 2019, and graduate student scholarships, as well as finding more fellows to join the Center. Another topic heavily discussed was the FIRC’s relationship with the Future Institute Board of Directors. A majority of the fellows attended and participated in a Board of Directors meeting on October 9th to establish a common ground and goal between the two groups.

In the videos above, Dr. Radhi Al-Mabuk, Director of the Research Center, and Dr. Carmen Gioiosa, Research Fellow, share their experience. Overall, the planning meetings were very successful in establishing targeted goals for the upcoming year!