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Hannah Rapp

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fall 2020 Associate Research Fellow

Hannah Rapp is a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She recently earned her master’s in Educational Psychology. Her research interests include social emotional learning (SEL) in schools, the well-being of international students, and students’ understanding of inherent worth and interpersonal forgiveness. 

Hannah’s current research is centered around the career development of international students. She feels that this student population has been politically disenfranchised as exemplified by the Department of Homeland Security’s proposed F and J visa changes as well as the previous presidential administration’s H-1B visa restrictions (now overturned). Hannah and her collaborator Yi-jung Wu seek to conduct qualitative interviews to understand how international students at a Midwest US university prepare for careers in the US. 

This past summer, Hannah collaborated with Ran Liu, professor in the department of Educational Policy Studies at UW Madison, to conduct a literature review on the career development of international students in U.S. community colleges for the Routledge Studies in Global Student Mobility book series. In the future, she hopes to expand her research to international students at community colleges as well as at four-year institutions.