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Future Insight

A podcast for educators
Future Insight explores national and international education trends, twenty-first century workforce demands, and current research relative to student college and career readiness.
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A podcast hosted by Dr. Dean Cantu, University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, which examines current issues impacting K-12 and higher education.

Each episode, Future Insight host Dean Cantu engages in an engaging and informative conversation with some of the leading education experts from around the United States and world. These discussions reveal key strategies and insights focused on the critical aspects of education and how schools, universities, and employers can better be equipped to address these issues and concerns impacting K-12 and higher education in a digital and dynamic world.

Meet the host

The Future Insight podcast is hosted by Dr. Dean Antonio Cantù, Dean of the College of Health, Education, and Human Sciences at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. Read more…