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From the Future Review Editor

Welcome to Future Review: International Journal of Transition, College and Career Success. We are excited to be publishing our inaugural issue in the spring of 2018. This new journal is intended to be a thought-provoking venue for sharing high quality research and novel ideas related to post-secondary school transitions into the world of work and into post-secondary institutions.

Post-secondary transitions have an important role in the lives of individuals and in society. At the individual level, post-secondary opportunities and choices have direct effects on personal and professional development and indirect effects on health and well-being. Many complex and interacting factors affect both the pathways students take through k-12 education and into either the world of work or into post-secondary institutions. This journal will explore the individual and social factors that affect students’ post-secondary transitions giving researchers new questions to ask and providing teachers, administrators, policy makers, and others working in education new ideas for improving post-secondary success.

At the societal level, post-secondary educational institutions have an important role in preparing students to understand and address the most pressing local, national, and global challenges of our time. Despite the important role post-secondary education has in moving us forward, post-secondary education faces significant headwinds that include: the rising cost of tuition, student access and retention, perceived value of degrees, shrinking budgets, and heightened pressure to produce specific measurable outcomes. This journal will advance our understanding of the importance of post-secondary education and the innovative ways for post-secondary institutions to navigate the environments they are in and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

This new journal, published by the Future Institute Research Center, will be a stimulating source of information for a wide audience that includes: researchers, teachers, mentors, curriculum designers, college and career counselors, administrators, and policymakers. To maximize the diversity of thought, we encourage international perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches. In addition to original research, we welcome conceptual articles, literature reviews, opinions, and book reviews. Occasionally, we will also publish special topic issues.

We live in an exciting time to be part of the educational system. All of you working in k-12 and post-secondary education are doing important work and this journal is going to be an outlet for learning how we can improve what we do for our students and for our institutions.

We hope you enjoy reading the journal as much as we enjoy editing and publishing it.

-John Klatt
Future Review Editor