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College Committee


Understand where some students may fall off the track for persistence to degree, as well as characteristics contributing to success. We will investigate student success, persistence, degree attainment, and related characteristics.

  • We will use baseline information analyzed in 2016.
  • Gather baseline information from new High School graduates each 3 to 6 month period, over a longevity time period.
  • Compare to a mirror population of students outside the network.
  • Investigate publicly available data gathered from undergraduates to formulate appropriate survey questions, such as MODESE, iPS, and NSSE surveys.
  • Investigate results from similar study results that may be relevant to our investigation.

College Committee Members

Dean Antonio Cantu, Ph.D.

University of Arkansas – Fort Smith
Host of Future Insight & Research Fellow

Jennifer Laffier, Ph.D.

Ontario Tech University
Research Fellow

Ireti Alao, Ph.D.

Adeyemi College of Education
Research Fellow

Hou Chun Kuong, Ed.D.

University of the Cumberlands
Research Fellow