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The Future Institute Research Center, a branch of Future Institute at Concept Schools and in partnership with the University of Northern Iowa, plans and conducts rigorous research in maximizing college and career transition success, disseminates the findings leading to data driven decision-making and supports graduate student research.

Plans and conducts
rigorous research

Makes data
driven decisions

Supports graduate
student research

Research Fellows

Radhi Al-Mabuk, Ph.D.

University of Northern Iowa
Director of the Future Institute Research Center

John Klatt, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Editor of Future Review & Research Fellow

Dean Antonio Cantu, Ph.D.

Bradley University
Host of Future Insight & Research Fellow

Future Institute Research Center News

Scholarship Opportunities

The Future Institute Research Center supports
graduate student research by awarding scholarships.


Future Review

International Journal of Transition, College, and Career Success

Future Review

The purpose of this journal is to disseminate knowledge and novel ideas related to post-secondary transition, college and career success. The journal welcomes scholarly manuscripts from a variety of theoretical perspectives and empirical approaches. 

Future Insight

A Monthly Podcast for Educators

Future Insight

This podcast program explores education trends, workforce demands, and best practices. Future Insight series features conversations with education experts from around the United States and world.

World Future Forum is an international conference that provides a platform for research and discussions of student success. World Future Forum brings together a diverse group of educators, administrators, academics, and other professionals to enrich their knowledge of preparing students for their future.